Community Events at RoKC

Join us for our community events at RoKC. There's always something new happening at our North KC, Underground, and Olathe locations.

May 4, 2024

Clips and Whips

Get ready to put your strength and endurance to the test at RoKC's Biggest Rope Climbing Competition of the year, Clips and Whips!


Summer Climbing Camps!

Get moving this summer with RoKC Summer Camps! Camps run weekly from May 20th - August 1st and are designed for kids from ages 6 - 13. Find the perfect fit for your kiddo at the link below.

Climbing Courses for Every Level!

Looking to take your climbing to the next level? We offer Intro to Climbing, Top Rope Course, Lead Course, and Anchor Cleaning Via Lower. Check out the calendar to see the schedule for courses at North and Olathe!

Birthday Parties & Private Events!

The perfect place for any event or celebration! Make throwing your birthday party a breeze by letting us do all the work. We guarantee a good time (and very tired kids)!

Yoga & Fitness Classes!

Get fit! Let us help you reach your fitness goals by joining our community of trainers and members in our yoga and fitness classes, run clubs, and group training programs! Classes offered seven days a week!