Jessica Shaddox
Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer

6My passion for physical fitness started eight years ago when I began running after having my second child. Running was a way for me to challenge myself physically and decompress mentally. I continued to increase my running distance and number of races. I completed 9 half marathons, three obstacle course races and more 5K and 10K races than I can count. Running was the gateway for me to expand my resistance training and endurance training. Resistance training became what I enjoyed more than running.

While training for races I met and encouraged those around me to run farther and faster. While I enjoyed crossing the finish line I thoroughly loved when I saw other racers I had encouraged accomplish their goals. This passion for motivating others grew into my dedicated commitment to my clients and their goals.

I have worked with clients who have had a variety of goals including: weight loss, distance running, increasing muscular size, increasing muscular endurance and postpartum conditioning. I am the trainer who will stay after class to make sure you know how to foam roll correctly, talk about the importance of hydration extensively and grab a cup of coffee with anyone wanting to learn more about excess post exercise oxygen consumption. I can’t wait to meet you and hear about your goals!    

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