Frank Potter

Frank is a man of many trades and interests. On top of being a full-time husband and father, he owns a successful recruiting company, consulting with clients and job-seekers in the workplace.

As a child, Frank grew up as an “army brat” traveling the world with his family. Frank’s zest for life and adventure brought him to Kansas City, where he lives with his family. To celebrate the city he loves so much, he partnered with a clothing company that emphasizes their love for KC, Freelance Clothing

Frank has broad knowledge of climbing as his first climb was at the raw age of 6 months old -- out of his crib. When his brother presented the idea of opening a climbing gym, he had no hesitations in helping bring the latest equipment and facilities in climbing to Kansas City. He spent the next 2 years visiting state of the art climbing gyms all over the United States. His passion deepened for the climbing culture during that time, and he could not be more excited to help develop this phenomenal gym, right here in Kansas City.

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