Carol Fittell
Head Climbing Instructor

Carol loves sharing her passion for movement and the great outdoors with anybody and everybody who is interested in learning. An engineer by trade, Carol brings a unique perspective to rigging, systems, and the risk involved in climbing. Add that to 8 years competing in gymnastics, and 10 years coaching, giving Carol a strong background in body mechanics, spatial awareness, and an ability to communicate tricky topics to a wide array of students. But mostly, Carol just loves helping people realize that they are capable of so much more than they think they are!

The mental aspects of climbing are also intriguing to Carol as the body can only be trained to a certain extent. Everyone has their own, unique interests and reasons for climbing. Carol likes to explore individual motivations by asking, "Why do you climb?"

When not training for splitter cracks and alpine suffer-fests, Carol can generally be found upside-down in a handstand, napping, or eating other people's food.

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