Abby Emerson
Marketing & Content Creator
North Kansas City

Back in 2016 when RoKC first opened, Abby, as a junior in highschool, got her first job working at the gym. She knew nothing about climbing at the time, but quickly developed a love for the sport and wanted to learn all she could about it! She worked with us until graduating highschool and moving away for college.

In 2018 Abby moved to Salt Lake City where she was attending the University of Utah for a degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. While in Utah, she was the Manager and Head Route Setter of her college's climbing wall. She spent as much time outdoors as should could, and really developed a love for teaching others and sharing her passion for climbing!

Abby moved back to Kansas City in 2021 to finish up her degree with an internship at RoKC. She has since started routesetting with the team and helps to manage our social media accounts as well as run events.

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