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RoKC's Underground facility is located 10 stories -- you guessed it! -- underground, in an old mine that was rennovated in the 1960's for office and storage space as Dean's Downtown Underground. As such, the space is geothermically insulated, and maintains a relatively constant temperature throughout the year. While the floor, ceiling, and supports are made of natural rock, the climbing is on new and refurbished climbing walls to challenge climbers of all abilities.


Community spaces are spread throughout the facility as comfortable areas to relax, work, drink coffee, or enjoy free WiFi.


  • Over 4,800 square feet of climbing walls
  • Designed with features to accommodate everyone from beginners to experts
  • Walls featuring slabs, face, slight overhangs, sustained overhangs, 40* wall, and a large cave with horizontal terrain!
  • Fitness center with cardio equipment and free weights

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Gear Rentals

Shoes: $5.00

Chalk/Chalk Bag: $2.00

Coming Soon!


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