RoKC is a locally established, world class, community focused climbing gym just North of the river in North Kansas City.


RoKC’s mission is to bring a state of the art climbing facility to the Kansas City community, and provide a fun, adventurous environment, capable of teaching and challenging individuals of all ages and abilities.


For many years Kansas City has lacked a sufficient climbing gym.  RoKC’s focus is to give local climbers the world-class product they deserve while creating an environment that helps develop new climbers.

Locally Established

World Class

Community Oriented

The owners and investors are all natives of Kansas city with a commitment to grow the local climbing community.


 • Top Rope / Lead walls / Auto belays: sustained overhangs, roofs, slabs, and cracks up to 40 ft. tall

 • Bouldering: caves, slabs, and overhangs

 • Training: system boards, campus boards, fitness center, yoga studio

 • Other features: lockers, showers, community area, birthday party room, multipurpose

    room, private classroom and pro shop.


RoKC is a product of passionate local climbers thirst for a world class climbing facility and their desire to serve the community.  RoKC was established on the notion that “we would build it so we could give it away”; to make a gym that’s not just for climbers, but for everyone.  RoKC is focused around spreading the enjoyment of climbing through the community of Kansas City



RoKC was first dreamt up in 2013 when Andrew Potter was on his second tour in Afghanistan.  He realized that he did not want to make a career out of the military, but still wanted to serve others and his community by doing something he is passionate about.  Being an avid climber, and recognizing that Kansas City needed and deserved a great gym, he decided this is how he would serve his community. He contacted his brother, Frank, and got to work planning RoKC.

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